Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Young Love} by Mat Kearney

I've been listening to Mat Kearney since his debut album "Nothing Left To Lose" came out in 2007.  The title track was pretty constant on the air waves during that time which put Mat on the map.   His unique, almost laid-back, voice was what hooked me in the first place.  His music tends to put you at ease yet motivates you to move and sing along; for example: Closer to Love, Crashing Down, Undeniable, and All I Have.

I must say, in my humble opinion, Mat Kearney's most recent album has outdone his other albums put together.  It's my understanding that he wrote most of the songs on his newest album, Young Love, after he married his wife.  It's evident in songs like Hey Mama and Young Dumb and In Love.  As we would say in Okie terms "Marriage done him good!"

Bravo Mat - keep up the good work! I pray your marriage will be blessed and continue to be a source of inspiration!


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Young Love {Deluxe Edition}
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