Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If you're a fan of female wonders like Feist, A Fine Frenzy, Missy Higgins then you will love this Swiss-German female duo called, BOY.  {Why are they called BOY?  Full disclosure: I have no idea.} They just released their debut album, Mutual Friends, this past February to the US and BOY, oh boy are we lucky.  They have only three US tour dates left {two of which are sold out} so anyone reading this in the New York area on March 29th, best get yourself down to the Bowery Ballroom.

This "folk-pop" group with such a random name gives you a little bit of everything: from a lullaby-esque song with "Waltz for Pony" to "Little Numbers," a song that makes you want to dance with heavy piano like in Feist's "My Moon My Man." For those looking for a bit more depth/mellowness, check out "Drive Darling" {awesome guitar part kicks in at 2:53} and "Railways" - both about moving on {and transportation} but so sweet too.  I love the entire album which is rare these days.  So, as their website says Do it.


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Mutual Friends
by BOY

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