Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If you're a fan of female wonders like Feist, A Fine Frenzy, Missy Higgins then you will love this Swiss-German female duo called, BOY.  {Why are they called BOY?  Full disclosure: I have no idea.} They just released their debut album, Mutual Friends, this past February to the US and BOY, oh boy are we lucky.  They have only three US tour dates left {two of which are sold out} so anyone reading this in the New York area on March 29th, best get yourself down to the Bowery Ballroom.

This "folk-pop" group with such a random name gives you a little bit of everything: from a lullaby-esque song with "Waltz for Pony" to "Little Numbers," a song that makes you want to dance with heavy piano like in Feist's "My Moon My Man." For those looking for a bit more depth/mellowness, check out "Drive Darling" {awesome guitar part kicks in at 2:53} and "Railways" - both about moving on {and transportation} but so sweet too.  I love the entire album which is rare these days.  So, as their website says Do it.


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Mutual Friends
by BOY

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Young Love} by Mat Kearney

I've been listening to Mat Kearney since his debut album "Nothing Left To Lose" came out in 2007.  The title track was pretty constant on the air waves during that time which put Mat on the map.   His unique, almost laid-back, voice was what hooked me in the first place.  His music tends to put you at ease yet motivates you to move and sing along; for example: Closer to Love, Crashing Down, Undeniable, and All I Have.

I must say, in my humble opinion, Mat Kearney's most recent album has outdone his other albums put together.  It's my understanding that he wrote most of the songs on his newest album, Young Love, after he married his wife.  It's evident in songs like Hey Mama and Young Dumb and In Love.  As we would say in Okie terms "Marriage done him good!"

Bravo Mat - keep up the good work! I pray your marriage will be blessed and continue to be a source of inspiration!


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Young Love {Deluxe Edition}
by Mat Kearney

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{Yeah, Yeah} by Willy Moon

In honor of SXSW, this post will be dedicated to one of the many amazing bands that will perform this year.  Willy Moon is a New Zealander by way of the UK that is on a limited tour in the U.S.

I discovered ol'Willy when I went to a concert at The Vanguard here in Tulsa with a very good friend of mine, Emily.  {We ate dinner at The Rusty Crane and had coffee at Gypsy Coffee in Downtown Tulsa.} The band Churchill {also at SXSW!} was headlining the concert so ultimately we went for them. We were pleasantly surprised with the sounds and stage performance of Willy Moon and his two-man band {girl drummer and a guy on electric - they played with click track but it was no less impressive than a full band}.  Emily and I stood there during the first few songs with our jaws on the floor.  At some point we looked at each other and said, "who is this and where did they come from?!"  We talked to him after his set and took pictures.  Really nice guy and very personable!

Anyways, totally check out the lineup of bands playing this year at SXSW and give one of them a try like...Bastille, Ivan and Alyosha, Lord Huron, Bernhoft, BOY, Sky Ferreira and so many more {that's just me skimming the first two music days really fast. I think I may have just contracted carpal tunnel doing that}.

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Put Your Sad Down
by School of Seven Bells

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Amor Fati} by Washed Out

First of all, sorry for falling off the face of the earth for a few weeks.  The last two specifically have been rather hectic/crazy/sad...

Good news though...I'm back and just in time to help you spruce up your iPod/playlist for Spring roll-your-windows-down weather. Yay!

I used to download the Urban Outfitters playlists as a resource to find new music but I got so behind {having a big girl/boy job tends to cut into "your" time, haha} that I had to part ways and go a slower/different route.  Parting is such sweet sorrow... However, before I "broke it off," I did discover the sounds of Washed Out - a one man "dream pop" band from Georgia. {Wonder if he knows Honey Boo Boo?}

One song in particular makes my "windows-down" playlist no matter what: "Amor Fati" which Wikipedia defines as...
a Latin phrase loosely translating to 'love of fate' or 'love of one's fate.' It is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good. 
Considering the fact that we are coming out of a season where everything has died, we can see now with our own eyes that the "suffering and loss" has paved a way for new life to "spring" up all around us.  Just a thought...

So, check out Amor Fati with a sound reminiscent of the Breakfast Club's theme song which is, in my book, perfect for a anyone's "windows-down" playlist.


Now Playing
Life of Leisure
by Washed Out

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