Monday, February 18, 2013

{Verona} by Geographer

I love discovering a song by a band I've never heard of and having just an immediate "connection." with that song.  That's what happened with Geographer's song "Verona" which, even though it's about a break up because of a lack of honesty {White lies in the night, If I could be yours and you could be mine, we keep what we hide, you told such simple lies}, it's got this beat you can't help but groove {yes, groove} to...
If you're a fan of Youth Lagoon or Phantogram, you'll love this funky-electro-indie-pop San Fran band.   The cool thing I discovered in researching for this post is that their music/sound translates very well from studio to acoustic like, for example, in their song Verona.  The feel and movement of their full band "electro sound" is not lost when dialed down to a cello, guitar, and a simple trap set.  As you watch the video, notice there's no loop or click track yet the cellist teams with the drummer to recreate that funky beat. That takes talent, my dear friends.  {Side note: I think they should take their whole album and do an acoustic version.}

Check it out for yourself:


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Animal Shapes
by Geographer

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