Monday, February 18, 2013

{Verona} by Geographer

I love discovering a song by a band I've never heard of and having just an immediate "connection." with that song.  That's what happened with Geographer's song "Verona" which, even though it's about a break up because of a lack of honesty {White lies in the night, If I could be yours and you could be mine, we keep what we hide, you told such simple lies}, it's got this beat you can't help but groove {yes, groove} to...
If you're a fan of Youth Lagoon or Phantogram, you'll love this funky-electro-indie-pop San Fran band.   The cool thing I discovered in researching for this post is that their music/sound translates very well from studio to acoustic like, for example, in their song Verona.  The feel and movement of their full band "electro sound" is not lost when dialed down to a cello, guitar, and a simple trap set.  As you watch the video, notice there's no loop or click track yet the cellist teams with the drummer to recreate that funky beat. That takes talent, my dear friends.  {Side note: I think they should take their whole album and do an acoustic version.}

Check it out for yourself:


Listening to
Animal Shapes
by Geographer

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Green River Ordinance

I just wanna be the hand you hold when you're cryin' 
I just wanna be the voice that tells you it'll be alright and 
When your world is coming down 
And when your hope's no where to be found 
Well, I'll be here, well, I'll be here, well, I'll be here for you  
- Green River Ordinance, "Out of My Hands"

We've all seen some really awesome lyrics someone quoted on Facebook or Twitter and thought to ourselves, "Gotta know who sings/wrote that!" That's how I was first introduced to the sounds of Green River Ordinance and I've been "in love" ever since.  GRO is a rock/pop band from the Fort Worth area with songs like Come OnSleep It Off, and On Your Own, that you can't help but sing along with.

{Confession: I always try to figure out some type of harmonization to go along with a song.  GRO's songs are awesome to do that with. I also serenade people riding in the car with me. That's for another blog entry.}

They also have what I call "love ballads" that I can't get enough of: Inward Tide, Undertow, Uncertainly Certain, Whisper In Your Ear, Everything You Are, Dancing Shoes...I could keep going.  They are a talented group of guys all around revealed even more so in their covers of classic songs like Tom Petty's American Girl or Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way all nicely compiled in an album titled Songs We Like From Before We Were Born. I think their cover of Justin Beiber's Baby is especially impressive...just saying.

{Where did they get Green River Ordinance from? Wikipedia to the rescue: click here.}

GRO released their latest album, Under Fire, a year ago this month.  I downloaded the album almost immediately and I can say it is the same caliber as their music I initially fell in love with.  I will leave you with one of my favorites from that album...enjoy!


Listening to
Under Fire
by Green River Ordinance

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