Thursday, January 31, 2013

Young Oceans {Advent}

When I was getting ready for my recent trip to Serbia, I was perusing the awesome free {and completely legal} music site,, looking for some new tunes. I downloaded an album from a band I had never heard of but the album title, "Advent," was very intriguing.  The band, Young Oceans, is a "worship project" that came from the Trinity Grace Church community in New York City.  Their hymn-like songs are very beautiful with a sound I would compare to that of Future of Forestry.  {Thinking both bands should hook up for a tour?  Just a thought...}  The lyrics are thought-provoking and inspire you to take a look inside yourself.

To be honest, I do not know much about advent but I understand that the idea behind it is to prepare yourself in order to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Christmas had already passed at that time; however, I was heading to a place that celebrates Christmas on January 7 so, I had an added opportunity to prepare for the celebration.

Each trip I've taken to Serbia has been unique and life-changing...causing me to reexamine myself and alter the way I see a lot of things.  What God showed me this last trip can be summed up in one of the songs from Young Oceans'  Advent: "My All In Thee."

The plea used consistently throughout the song is "let me find my all in thee."  Essentially, it says though "I am blind...weak..." I want my identity and everything I desire to be found in You.  This song has become the cry of my heart during this time in my life that has been six years in the making.  How the Lord can be so patient, I have no idea.  He has shown himself faithful to me in ways I do not deserve.

Take a listen to "My All In Thee" below or visit their website to hear songs from each of their recordings.  This album a great supplemental resource for preparing your matter what the occasion or circumstance.  


Listening to
by Young Oceans

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Penny and Sparrow {Tenboom}

Hey ya'll - Sorry for no post last week...I was kind of in a different time zone halfway around the world having an AMAZING time!  I'm currently experiencing jet lag so I'll try to post very soon an overview of my return trip to Serbia.  Until then, feel free to check out the post from my first trip.

I posted two months ago about this band from Austin I just couldn't get enough of and a song {Heroes and Monsters} off their upcoming album that I absolutely loved.  Well, good news!  Penny and Sparrow's new album, Tenboom, came out on Tuesday! Hooray! Take a listen here or go straight to iTunes and download it now.  You will not be disappointed!

Once I get some sleep and my body figures out which time zone it's in, I'll post more about what songs on their new album are my favorite.  Until, enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing sounds of Penny and Sparrow.


Listening to
by Penny and Sparrow

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