Monday, April 23, 2012

The Triple Threat Trifecta

Hi Blog, my name is Calli, your you remember me?

This past weekend I went to Stillwater, OK and it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. Why, you may ask? Well, since you ask, I will tell you. This weekend consisted of three of my favorite things, the "triple threat trifecta," if you will: gorgeous weather, excellent music, and great coffee. I call it the "triple threat trifecta" not because I want to be redundant but because I got to do/experience all these great things with my best friend, Rachel.  And, that to me, is a formula for a "triple threat trifecta."

Gorgeous Weather
Saturday morning, after enjoying an awesome cup of French Pressed coffee (see below), a walk around Boomer Lake, and lunch at Red Rock Bakery, we wound up in Downtown Stillwater in the middle of a Street Festival. We were pleasantly surprised and very thankful that we stumbled across this little event.

Excellent Music
Exhibit A: The Non
Instrumental band from OKC. First heard them at The Conservatory in OKC when I went to see The Rocketboys. Saw on Facebook last Friday that they were playing on the Willard Lawn. So after we ate our weight in chips, salsa, and queso at El Vaquero, Rach and I took a ton of blankets and set up shop on the Lawn. Excellent band - awesome music. Czech'em out:

Exhibit B: Random Jam Session Outside an Antique Store
While we were wondering around Downtown Stillwater, Rachel wanted to go to look in this antique store.  We walked up to this store and these two gentlemen were sitting outside, jamming away and enjoying the gorgeous weather as well.  I just love this picture:

Great Coffee
Introduction to French Pressed Coffee: First off, where have you been all my life? My mind was blown as I sipped my first cup of French Pressed coffee Saturday morning that Rachel's husband professionally brewed - I experienced flavors in coffee that I never knew existed. I'm not over-exaggerating at all. It was  So, I went and bought some supplies to have my own French Pressed coffee experience every morning.  No more office coffee for me - I'm a coffee snob. And proud of it.

Aspen Coffee: You can't go to Stillwater and not hit up Aspen Coffee, especially the one on Western.  Rach and I went after our Street Festival experience and it just topped off the day for us.  Rach had what she called "a cup full of yummy sugar" and me, of course, the White Chocolate Mocha.  We sat outside, soaked up some more gorgeous weather and solved all the world's problems. Yes, you can rest easy now, we have everything under control.

I'm very thankful that I was able to spend the weekend with my bestie and we got to do all these great things plus have awesome conversations.  But to be honest, I set out to do this blog post because I haven't updated in literally four months and I like sharing new bands/music. As I wrote and came to the end of my post, I realized that the real "triple threat trifecta" is that my friendship with Rachel revolves around Christ.  This weekend could not have been what it was without the grace and love of Christ. Yes, the sun gave us endorphins and the coffee gave us energy but spending time with someone who desires to know and be used by Christ with all their being creates an encouragement that exceeds everything.  That, my friend, is wow, just wow.


Listening to
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