Sunday, August 28, 2011


Anthem songs.  Everyone has one or....twenty.  Every school has a playlist of them to play in the hallways during homecoming week with "Eye of the Tiger" topping it all off.  {I had the privilege of my high school playing the same five songs for every {insert sport} homecoming week all four years. Yippee.}

Although school has already started, there are those of us who refuse to believe that summer is over {myself very much included}.  For us rebels, we start to warm up {or cool down?} to the idea of the end of summer once Labor Day comes and goes.  I have to tell myself every August that it's not the end of the world and it really doesn't start to get icky cold until late November/early December.  And so, yes I CAN still play outside and do things outdoorsy without putting on eighteen layers of clothing.

With Labor Day weekend approaching in a few short days, I suggest we take on this new season with some Anthem songs.  You may love the oldies like Eye of the Tiger or maybe you're looking for some new tunes to blast in your car on your way to work/college/hangout/whatever.   Thanks to Relevant Magazine {which I've subscribed to in the last year and get the hard copy in the mail every other month} I've been discovering some new bands like the Sleigh Bells.  Songs like Tell'em and Infinity Guitars are some of my favorites off their debut album Treats and totally Anthem-worthy.

What are some of your "Anthem" or roll-your-windows-down-and-crank-up-the-volume songs?  Everyone loves Anthem songs, even the kids.  So don't be shy, let me know what your fav songs are and don't forget to use your "guitar hands" and "guitar feet":


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by Sleigh Bells

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Playlist {Song #15: Howl by Florence + The Machine}

What up peeps?  So, I promised to blog about 15 songs for my Summer Playlist and by george, I've finally completed it!  Thanks for hanging in there with me and I hope you've fallen in love with some new artists and discovered other artists/songs along the way!

Now, don't be too hasty to judge...but, Song #15 is by an artist I've come to know because of the Twilight soundtracks.  The Eclipse soundtrack to be exact.  Yes, I read the books; Yes, I've gone to the midnight premieres; Yes, I pre-order every soundtrack; No, I do not own the movies.  I think author Stephenie Meyers has a say in what songs are used (she loves Muse for goodness' sakes!) but every soundtrack has had a great lineup of artists and songs.  For example: Cee-Lo Green, The Bravery, Muse,  Bon Iver, Paramore, Death Cab for Cutie, Thom Yorke (for all you Radiohead fans out there), Grizzly Bear, Iron & Wine....the list could go on and on.

ANYWAYS.  I love just about every song on Florence + The Machine's album "Lungs."  Florence or "Flo" has an amazing set of lungs and can belt it out like nobody's business.  She just has a power that's unlike any other female artist I know, with the exception of Adele.  Although her music videos are pretty weird, she seems like a cool person especially after watching her getting groovy to Beyonce.  FUN FACT: Glee has even featured her song "Dog Days Are Over" in the Special Education episode.  NOT SO FUN FACT: I would usually say that the song was down well on Glee, but I have to say for this song, they didn't even get near the level of power that Florence is able to relay in her performances - live or recorded in a studio.  Sorry, Gleeks, but it's true.

So, without further ado and FINALLY, I give you my last and final song for Summer Playlist:  Howl by Florence + The Machine.


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by Florence + The Machine

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Playlist {Song #14: Lasso by Phoenix}

I bet you thought I forgot all about you, eh? Welp,, I haven't.  I've been wrestling over my last two picks for my Summer Playlist and realized they were right under my nose!

Song #14 comes from a French indie band from Versailles (wooo!).  Yes, it's in English.  I think they showed up on my radar because of Slacker, but, these days, there's really no telling where I heard it or Shazaam'd it, haha.  I haven't really been listening to this band lately for no particular reason but I've been relying on my iPod at work lately which is an awesome mix of music (if I do say so myself) but still, it's limited because I have a budget.  Anyways, I was sitting a bible study this week and one of the girl's in my group cell phone went off and it was this song.  It hit me and I was like "Duh, I love this song!"  There's no official video for this song but I doubt you'll want to sit and watch while this song is on...I mean, I have a hard time sitting still when this song comes on!  I give you, Lasso by Phoenix.


Listening to
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
by Phoenix
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