Saturday, October 30, 2010


As everyone knows, gourmet cupcakes are all the rage these days.  I love cooking and baking in general but I don't do it very often.  So, when I found this yummy recipe in an article about one of our shows coming to OKC (SHREK THE MUSICAL), I thought it was about time I go ahead and see how my cupcake-baking skills were.   Here's the results and yes, they were very yummy!

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Nov 9-14, 2010
Civic Center Music Hall
Oklahoma City

Listening to
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
by Coldplay

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Heart The Office

Found this gem while on my lunch break this afternoon.  January can't come quick enough...
Thinking about possibly having a big unraveling party the first day of January back in the office....


Listening to:
Hard to Handle
by The Black Crowes

Friday, October 8, 2010

Double Dose of Good Music

So excited for tonight!  Co-worker and I are going to see Muse and Passion Pit in concert at the Ford Center!!!  Check out there music today on this wonderful Friday (A double portion of Favorite Artist Friday)!!!

So, how did I find these awesome bands?

Muse: Introduced to them on the Twilight Soundtrack.  They are Stephenie Meyer's “muse” and favorite band so they have been included on all the Twilight Saga Soundtracks thus far.
Passion Pit
Passion Pit: Included in the free music I downloaded from the Urban Outfitters Blog.  Some of the songs are a little out there (in my opinion) but I’ve found some real gems like Half Asleep by School of Seven Bells. 

P.S. Check out Sleep Sweepers choreographed by Phillip Chbeeb and crew to Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead (a personal fav of mine).

We're hoping to hit up Cuppies & Joe on our way out for some delicious cupcakes...fingers crossed we get there before they close!  I can already taste the Boom Boom Pow right now...
(Boom Boom Pow~vanilla bean cake w/chocolate buttercream, caramel, and sea salt)

I’ll try and post some pictures of the concerts later….

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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