Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friendships in the work place…

In this picture are two of my favorite girls to ever work with.  We were on a company trip to NYC this past May and we had a BLAST together!

I believe being able to connect with your coworkers is a very important aspect of a j-o-b.  Now, I’m not saying you should be best friends and do everything with them or tell them your deepest darkest secrets.  I mean, you can pick who work for, in a sense, but you can’t pick who you work with so make the best of it.  What I’m talking about is being able to hold a decent conversation and joke around with them…you know, have a good laugh every now and then.  (This also has to do with the fact that I love to laugh and try not to take life too seriously, although I admit I struggle with the latter at times.)  I feel very blessed to work with the people I do.  They are fun and some of the girls implement “tacky Friday” which always has us rolling…

So, this week I definitely had two instances where I was almost in the floor of my cube I was laughing so hard:

Numero Uno – One of the girls I work with, AK, is a year younger than me and we’re always quoting movies over the wall of our cubes since we are right next to each other.  On Thursday, we received a DVD of a TV spot so Libby and I were checking it to make sure it was ok.  It wouldn’t play on Libby’s computer and it wouldn’t play on mine.  So we went back to “The Cave” which is our production room (and has these huge high-tech Macs, definitely overwhelming) and popped in the DVD to see if it would play on the Mac back there.  Well, we tried everything, we clicked on everything and we tried clicking on individual files.  Still nothing.  Well, it wound up being a faulty DVD that the file hadn’t been fully burned onto the disk.  So, I was relaying this story to AK and I said “It was almost as if we were having a Zoolander moment, ‘It’s IN the computer????’ but we were saying ‘It’s ON the DVD???’”  She died laughing then I died laughing and we laughed. A lot.

Numero Dos
Branda – Calli, do you smoke a pipe?  Every time I walk by your cube I smell pipe smoke.
Calli – No, is it my lotion?
Branda – Maybe…(she walks off)
Calli – AK, does my lotion smell smoky?
AK – (takes a whiff) No…
Calli – I think it smells like cotton candy, but more of a grown-up smell…like an adult cotton candy
AK – (takes another whiff) Oh yeah! It does smell like cotton candy. 
(enters Randy…his ears must have perked up at this point…)
Randy – Adult cotton candy?  That sounds like a drink.  Could you imagine ordering that at a circus? “I’d like a small child’s cotton candy and a large adult cotton candy…oh wait, make that a double.”
(AK & Calli erupt in laughter)

Now, I know these are probably “should’ve been there” stories but we have fun.  We work hard but we usually don’t let a funny moment pass with out grabbing hold of it.  So if you’re working at a job and your not really clicking with everyone, my advice would be lighten up a bit and open up to some of your coworkers.  Now, like I said earlier, not your deepest darkest secrets but you may just start off with “Hey guess what I did this weekend” and then also inquire of how their weekend went.  It may take a while but keep at it and you’ll have funny, “should’ve been there” stories to tell too.

Love and peaches,
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